Caramella Moo


Logo Design
Packaging Design
Photography Direction




As a freelancer, I worked with the toffee company Caramella Moo. I worked with the owner to create a full identity for the product. I wanted to create a fun and modern identity that would reflect the quirky name and personality of the brand. I created the brand mark of a single line illustration of a cow that could be used across the packaging and the brand. After creating the logo and colors I worked to create packaging that would stand out.

Artboard Copy 3Artboard Copy 3
Artboard Copy 24Artboard Copy 24
Artboard Copy 10Artboard Copy 10
Artboard Copy 14Artboard Copy 14
Artboard Copy 21Artboard Copy 21
Artboard Copy 22Artboard Copy 22
Artboard Copy 23Artboard Copy 23
Artboard Copy 25Artboard Copy 25
Artboard Copy 26Artboard Copy 26
Artboard Copy 18Artboard Copy 18
Artboard Copy 19Artboard Copy 19
Artboard Copy 20Artboard Copy 20
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