La Reine NYC


Logo Design
Photography Direction 
Packaging Design



As a freelancer I worked with up and coming New York City based candle company La Reine to create a completely new logo and identity system. The design is clean, modern and sophisticated in order to match the high end quality of the candles.

In addition to the identity creation I sourced the product photographer and art directed the photoshoot of all the main candles.  I coordinated each shot for the photoshoot in a Brooklyn studio. The imagery would serve to represent each candle collection and would be used on the newly launched website as well as in promotional materials. Below are excerpts from the brand book I created.

Artboard Copy 3Artboard Copy 3
Artboard Copy 6Artboard Copy 6
Artboard Copy 4Artboard Copy 4
Artboard Copy 24Artboard Copy 24
Artboard Copy 25Artboard Copy 25
Artboard Copy 28Artboard Copy 28
Artboard Copy 30Artboard Copy 30
Artboard Copy 33Artboard Copy 33
Artboard Copy 34Artboard Copy 34
Artboard Copy 11Artboard Copy 11
Artboard Copy 12Artboard Copy 12
Artboard Copy 14Artboard Copy 14
Artboard Copy 15Artboard Copy 15
Artboard Copy 31Artboard Copy 31
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